Our Pharmacy

Because pharmacy is a health point, we offer:

Skin cancer screening

Any spot or skin injury that has increased or presents symptoms, we photograph it with a special skin camera and we send the pictures to a team of dermatologists. In less tan 48h,we have the report.

24h blood pressure test

This is considered the best blood pressure test that can be done, because of all the information obtained. We can see and know everything that can be known about blood pressure, whether there is treatment or not.

Hair analysis

We do the check of the scalp and the hair, we see it with our special camera. With this we try to achieve a healthy and strong hair . We also recomend special pharmaceutical hair products, depending of the situation.

Personalized cosmetic routines

We do like cosmetic and we work it with love. Thats why we have diferent quality brands to choose, depending of the skin of each one. We recomend in a personalized way, from the cleaning firsts steps, to the make up or sunscreen protection.

Weight and body fat control

Follow your weight and body fat index with our scale. See the evolution online at home with all the graphics. We teach you how to do it.

Formulation of pharmaceutical products

We do special pharmaceutical preparations in our laboratory. The oldest part of the job.

Hearing screening

We work with Audika to do hearing tests in our pharmacy, we also offer the latest hearing aids.

Clinical analysis.

We colaborate with the main clinical laboratories of the area, so we can send your analytics and receive the results.

Blood glucose test

We mesure the blood glucose with our glucometer. Quick, simple and fast.

Earlobe piercing

We make earrings in the earlobe, both in adults and in children and babies. Always in hypoallergenic surgical steel and following all hygienic-sanitary measures.

Customized Dosing System

We help the patient with their treatment by organizing the medication, on a weekly or monthly basis.
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